Awareness for green solutions within IT management

Production + Video

CISCO is one of the world's largest providers of network, cloud and security solutions. Since early 2021, we have helped CISCO Denmark define a communications strategy for how to promote and sell their energy-saving, and thus green, solutions.

Our starting point was to develop a campaign centered around the CISCO employees with both an internal and external scope. We call it: CISCO Insights.

The employees share the videos themselves on their individual LinkedIn profiles. It's an informal campaign, making sure that we talk eye-to-eye.

We wanted the surroundings to embody this by using a casual set design to accompany the mood.

Hybrid Work, Wi-FI First, Bridging Gaps, Power over Ethernet.

In CISCO Insights, we interview CISCO employees, with the goal of raising awareness for CISCO's green solutions within IT management.  

Oscar Haumann
Co-Founder & Business Lead

Reach out to Oscar to learn more about how we helped CISCO and how we might help you.
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