Are you engaged in the green transition? We are here to help you make that a success

Factoring in the green transition: We define your brand story. We design your identity. We activate it across channels.

We see 3 main reasons for why you would want Abel as a Creative Partner.



We create the foundation and strategy for your brand and make all elements come together to define your brand in a tangible way.




Creating a coherent brand by unfolding your story across touchpoints and solving your problems with creativity and imagination.

We make people fall in love with your brand by bringing it to life across touchpoints, it is all about creating emotions.


We make sure that sustainability, creativity and long term business goals align.

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We are Cisco's Creative "On-Call" Partner. Cisco is one of the world's largest providers of network, cloud and security solutions. Since early 2021, whenever they have a project that requires our skillset, we join forces. In particular, we help them communicate the energy-saving, and thus sustainable, results their innovative IOT and network solutions offer.

Communications Strategy
Film Production
Image Production
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"Abel offers us a rare combination of raw creativity and commercial awareness, alongside an in-depth understanding of the climate crisis. I can most highly recommend them."

Josefine Devantier
Country Marketing Manager, Cisco

Marketing Suite


We are RealMæglerne's Creative "Marketing Suite" Partner. RealMæglerne is a Danish organization of independent real estate agents who work together under one brand. RealMæglerne is the 5th biggest player on the market. Since 2018, we have helped them brand and market themselves. In the beginning of each year, we help prioritize activities, we draw up a plan using an Annual Wheel and a tentative budget, which we revise every quarter. All deliveries go into a Marketing Suite, making sure that communication is aligned across the country.

Communications Strategy
Brand Images & Film Production
Poster Design
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"We love the identity and campaigns we are creating in collaboration with Abel. The stories we tell are different and ambitious, which help us strengthen our position as the daring ones in the industry."

Mathias Støve Larsen
Marketing Director, RealMæglerne

We are Essential Foods's Creative "In-House" Partner. Essential Foods is an ambitious and generous company that produces dog foods now sold in 22+ countries. Production takes place in the UK, using local produce to minimize transport and assure premium quality. Since 2019, we have been the spearhead of their marketing efforts. As "In-House", we have one person taking an internal role in the company, which on a very practical level means internal briefings on new products, sparring with employees and distributors, coordination with suppliers and agencies. On a more strategic level, we take responsibility for Essential Foods' results and thus proactively plan the year and pitch ideas on how to improve their branding and marketing efforts.

Branding Strategy
Lead in Agency Cluster
Digital Design
Image & Video Production
Packaging Design
Referral Programme
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"The team at Abel truly understands the brand and they have the strategic and creative capacities to bring it alive on a global scale and hence making it possible for us to achieve our ambitious goals."

Christian Degner-Elsner
Founder, Essential Foods

Imagining the unimaginable
Connecting new dots and imagining things which have not been seen before are key skills, when it comes to integrating sustainability into the core of your business and achieving a competitive advantage.

The robots are coming
More and more media buying and performance marketing is being handled by algorithms, making it difficult to achieve a competitive advantage within this realm. Creative content is the biggest factor in how your digital marketing performs.

It takes more than 3 dates to get to know someone
Stellar creativity solutions are created within rigid frames and it takes time and work to learn about the things unsaid in a company. Creative solutions get better the more in depth we understand the business.