RealMæglerne is a Danish organization of independent real estate agents who work together under one brand. RealMæglerne is the 5th biggest player on the market.


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Communications Strategy
Brand Images & Video Production

"We want to tell stories that are different and ambitious"

– Mathias Støve

Executive Marketing Manager, RealMæglerne

Low awareness

RealMæglerne is the 5th biggest player in a market which is dominated by the biggest four who are conservative and all look a lot alike. In this situation, RealMæglerne's greatest challenge is a – relatively – low awareness compared to its four biggest competitors.

Business is booming!

Within the last two years, RealMæglerne has grown its awareness with more than 50% and in 2020 RealMæglerne sold more than ever before.

Daring to be different

We started out by creating a visual identity with images which communicate clearly that RealMæglerne knows what makes a house a home – without actually showing a building.

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... with images that evoke the right emotion in the visitor.

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Brand Images
Video Production


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Categorization of Product

"We love the identity and campaigns we are creating in collaboration with Abel. The stories we tell are different and ambitious, which help us strengthen our position as the daring ones in the industry."

– Mathias Støve

Executive Marketing Manager, RealMæglerne

Next, we helped RealMæglerne move into a position where they take action on the climate crisis, while remaining down-to-earth.

Campaign Strategy
Communications Strategy

Climate Campaign

Everything counts, but are you counting your home's CO2?

We translated the campaign into three short commercials. As our Creative Lead, Jeppe Thybo, puts it: "We pay tribute to the everyday heroes who try to make a difference and take it down-to-earth by pointing to the fact that many forget to think about the carbon footprint of their home".

The One About Food Waste

The One About Durability

The One About Sorting Waste

1.000.000 views on TV2 Play
30.000 people using My Climate Calculator

We used a methodology which we call "The Mental Model" which helps us analyze three key elements that determine how people see the world: 

1. Living conditions
2. What we are ashamed of
3. What is associated with a high social status

In this case, we discovered that many find it difficult to talk to friends, and family about their own sustainable initiatives. They are scared of people calling them "hypocrite", "extreme" or even worse as someone who is "pointing fingers".

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The first tangible step for RealMæglerne was a feature coined "My Climate Calculator", which lets anyone know how to improve their home in regards to its carbon footprint.

Insight: Homes and building accounts for 40% of Denmark's total energy consumption – and yet this is a very small part of the public debate.

Communications Strategy: Show people that everything counts in the battle against the climate crisis – and therefore your home's carbon footprint counts as well.

Campaign Strategy
Communications Strategy

Ask Us Campaign

Following up on the more awareness oriented campaign "Everything counts", we needed a more sales oriented campaign. We developed the campaign "Ask Us" portraying the down-to-earth real estate agent who is just dying to answer questions about homes. It aired on TV2 Play and was run across social media.

Aftersales Strategy
Video Production

Customer Advocacy

A personalized video for the aftersales flow

There is no better advertisement than one of your customers sharing a good experience with your company. We helped RealMæglerne create a strong incentive for this to happen more often, by creating a personalized video that is sent to every customer after a home is sold.

95% view-through rate

It is unheard of to have such a high view-through-rate. We worked closely with Fliva, the personalization tech company, on this, and it is the highest view-through-rate they have ever registered.

The messaging and tone of voice builds on the initial strategy of showing that "Everything counts" while being down-to-earth about it.

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Marketing Suite

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Marcus Feldthus
Co-Founder & Agency Lead

Reach out to Marcus to learn more about how we helped RealMæglerne and how we might help you.
+45 28 89 70 63

Brand Images
Video Production

A Marketing Suite that aligns external communication between the local RealMæglerne real estate agents all over Denmark. Versatile and easy to use.