As our new Marketing Intern you will be a part of our small team of creative and strategic people. You will be working closely with ambitious and crazy people, always trying to take ideas and concepts to the next level in order to help companies excite consumers. We specialize in helping ambitious scale-ups grow faster with stellar communication and exciting content. Our vision is to be the preferred creative agency for sustainable companies.

But enough about us. Back to you.

You will be our Marketing Intern, helping us do what creative agencies, all over the world, find the most difficult - market themselves. However, when it comes to that, we are not afraid to put ourselves on the line and we dare to be different. Our latest big social media splash proves that (oh, and btw. we were named Zevegraf back then).


What We Offer

Okay, so we are quite the odd team… The founding fathers, Marcus and Oscar, are like an old couple finishing each other's sentences, Jan is our crazy junior/senior strategist with experience as CMO in successful startups like Trustpilot. Jeppe our creative lead is a world class dancer with over 500 million views on YouTube…. Ok you get it. Just come in and meet the rest so they can tell you their crazy stories.

  • A culture of constant learning - we push it to the limit!

  • Responsibility, testing and driving your own ideas forward

  • Flexible workflow and hours

  • Our green Office in Frederiksberg with 24/7 access

  • An always changing lunch deal

  • Your choice of coffee, soft drinks and snacks

  • Extremely fun social events (Jeppe mixes some killer drinks) 

What We Are Looking For

An ambitious and entrepreneurial university student who specializes in marketing and is ready to take ABEL’s marketing to the next level.

We would like you to be:

  • Eager to try out new methods, channels and formats for B2B marketing

  • Pitching your ideas and concepts to team members

  • Scoping, planning, executing ABEL’s own marketing initiatives

  • Comfortable in the world of digital advertising

  • Prototyping your way to the best solution (grow-by-doing is our mantra)

  • Positive and solution oriented when you meet problems

Up to date with the latest trends within the world of marketing and branding.

We believe in getting our hands dirty so you should be confident with one of the following (few can do all):

  • Digital Advertisement (Facebook, Google, YouTube or Email)

  • Content Production (Copywriting, Blogging, Film Production or Graphical Design)

1st of September 2019

Cover Letter and CV

Full time internship for 3-6 months.