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Beyond Leather is a Danish upcycling material company which is offering apple based leather made from apple waste discarded by the Danish cider production. A company with the potential to disrupt an old-fashioned leather industry.

The founders came to us with the job to turn this product into a strong brand that would spark organic growth in the future – we present: Leap™.

With the new visual identity, came a new name: Leap.

It is an abbreviation of "leftover apples" which is the main ingredient for the product. It speaks to value of changing the game.

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Oscar Haumann
Co-Founder & Business Lead

Reach out to Oscar to learn more about how we helped Naturlejren and how we might help you.

+45 53 25 67 69

"Abel helped us create a strong brand for our new product which we believe can push the standards in the leather industry. They put a lot of effort into understanding us and our business and that really shows in the output of which we are all extremely proud."

Mikael Eydt
CEO, Beyond Leather

Logo Type: Upcycling the "a" by turning it around and using it as an "e", making the logo type elegant, clever and memorable.

Logo Mark: Using the same shape twice, creating balance and with hidden references to the infinity symbol.

Brand Colors: The Leap colour scheme is inspired by apple pulp, building a strong, sustainable brand for a better future, with a subtle nod to the origin of the material.