Beyond Leather is a Danish upcycling material company which is offering apple based leather made from apple waste discarded by the Danish cider production. A company with the potential to disrupt an old-fashioned leather industry.

The founders came to us with the job to turn this product into a strong brand that would spark organic growth in the future – we present: Leap™.

Creating a sub-brand as a powerful way to create an ingredient brand which adds perceived value to the products it is used in.

LogotypeUpcycling the "a" by turning it around and using it as an "e", making the logo type elegant, clever and memorable.

LogomarkAlmost the same story as the logo type. Using the same shape twice, creating balance and with hidden references to the infinity symbol.

Brand ColorsThe Leap colour scheme is inspired by apple pulp, building a strong, sustainable brand for a better future, with a subtle nod to the origin of the material.





The process was collaborative in every way. Kickstarting the Define Stage with 3 workshops, employee, management and clients interviews and followed by 1-2 touch points per week for the total of 6 months in which the project was underway.

With the new visual identity, came a new name: Leap.

It is an abbreviation of "leftover apples" which is the main ingredient for the product. It speaks to value of changing the game.

We created what we could call an "intriguing B2B website" which is created in the space between optimization for lead generation and storytelling for the end consumer. We designed it and built it in Webflow.

A strict design grid, aesthetically pleasing visuals and a very straight forward (and sometimes daring) tone of voice tells the story of upcycling in the most compelling way.

Check out the live design here!

7 employee interviews
2 board member interviews
4 client interviews
4 workshops
8 reports

We defined 5 values which we everyone could agree on as the brand foundation for their new material:

"Abel helped us create a strong brand for our new product which we believe can push the standards in the leather industry. They put a lot of effort into understanding us and our business and that really shows in the output of which we are all extremely proud."

Mikael Eydt
CEO, Beyond Leather
Visual Identity
Tone of Voice
Image + Video
Web Design

Oscar Haumann
Co-Founder & Business Lead

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Image + VideoBringing the tagline "Waste Made Beautiful" to life, by showing the full journey from leftover apples to final material.