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Glassbox is on a mission to empower companies to create frictionless digital journeys for their customers. Founded in Israel in 2010, now with offices near Tel Aviv, in New York and London, it received a $40m Series C funding in 2020. They have +350 customers and +300 employees. They play in the Customer Experience space and have built some pretty cool technology.

"Abel did an awesome job helping us develop our new brand - we love it!"

– Yaron Morgenstern

CEO, Glassbox


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Mission & Positioning
Values & Tone of Voice
Core Story & High Level Messaging
Brand Identity
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Glassbox had grown rapidly since 2010 based on mainly on a strong sales approach. In 2020, they found themselves in a crowded market space with more and more competitors. They needed to sharpen their mission, positioning and build a brand that stood out and so we helped Glassbox do a full-scale rebranding.


Creating a mission and a brand grounded in company beliefs.


Bringing values to life in colors, logo, shapes and sizes.


Helping bring the brand to life across all touchpoints.

Great stuff is creating in collaboration, not isolation. Alignment and ideation from the top and across the whole organisation is key. Jan Vels Jensen was the spearhead of this extensive project, in which we made sure we involved all the right people and knew when to listen and when to talk.

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We worked with Glassbox online, exclusively. We used Miro as our one-stop-collaborative-tool. In it, we built a dedicated Glassbox universe where everyone could always follow the progress and comment. It made sure that everyone was aligned throughout the process.

"The rebranding process we did with Abel - aside from being super pleasant and quick - was deeply rooted in Glassbox's culture and target audience. We started by defining the hilltop we wanted to conquer, which was an amazing exercise in its own right, and translated it into a unique and differentiating brand identity that truly stands out in the highly competitive market we play in. My only regret is that we did all of the above during Covid and never got a chance to meet in person with Jan, Oscar, and the Abel team"

– Audelia Boker

Former Global VP Marketing, Glassbox
Values & Mission
Categorization of Product


What do the customers need, what does the market lack and what are the core beliefs that shape the company culture and their solution.


Deep conversations

with C-level, mid-level employees and clients



with C-level, mid-level and employees



sitting in on meetings, work sessions and company events

"We are on a mission to empower companies to create frictionless digital journeys."

We helped Glassbox carve out and define 5 values, and in order to make them more relatable, we went even further and created 5 brand characters based on those values.

Categorization of product

Digital Analytics Experience Platform

Categorization of Product

Categorization of Product


The Dependables

Responsive and reacts fast because there is no other option for them, unconditionally. Someone who you can depend on, who takes you seriously. Takes care of you, before themselves. We’re not perfect but when you call we will be there.


The Energizer

Enthusiastic and driven. Engaged and excited. Someone who has an opinion on things. Hard working and in your face, but in a good way.


The Disarmer

Imperfect, fun and informal. There is a lightness in the attitude towards the world. Puts a smile on people’s face and opens up the room by saying it like it is. That takes confidence.


The Good One

Has integrity, is genuine and honest. Leans forward. Does not shy away from doing the right thing. Say things that are uncomfortable or unconventional in order to do things right.


The Friend

Caring and supportive. Accepts you as you are. Creates a safe space by being thoughtful and respectful.

Logo & Graphic Element
Brand Colors


Standing out in a competitive space

We used the brand characters as our reference points, when creating the brand identity. Building your identity on your values, letting the values be the conditions for creativity is, in our humble opinion, the way to create brands that stand out.

Bringing the brand to life

For an identity to be a success, it must be rightfully owned by the people who have to live it and implemented across the touchpoints which have to communicate it.

We helped Glassbox create ownership of the brand and implement it across websites, eGuides and much more.

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Together with UK based B2B marketing agency Tomorrow People, we developed the layout for the Glassbox website.

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A circle represents movement and completeness. But one circle is not enough, because the world is more complex than that.

Fricitonless feeling, moving forward and being in motion. The intensity of the line becomes more and more rich with interactions as the journey unfolds.

glassbox the journey layout

The Glassbox brand colors communicate dependability with a touch of energy and punch.

glassbox brand colorsglassbox banner in city man walkingglassbox iconsdigital screen advertisementglassbox business cards

Watch the journey as it unfolds across materials, platforms and touchpoints.

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Oscar Haumann
Co-Founder & Business Lead

Reach out to Oscar to learn more about how we helped Glassbox and how we might help you.
+45 53 25 67 69

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