A Creative Agency for Challengers


We try not to overcomplicate communication and branding. We trust, involve and collaborate across industries and disciplines.
We define a strategic foundation. And then we build and experiment in the real world, before we expand. Moving forward, step by step.

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+ Brand Design

The evergreen visuals of your brand. A foundation that makes a compelling and memorable experience across time and touch points.

+ Audio Branding

It's a new world of sound. Podcast is the new blogging. Assistants like Siri, Alexa, Google Home are taking over homes. We leverage that by creating an audio identity that gives your audience goosebumps.

+ Visual Design

We create visual elements that expand your brand design to multiple touchpoints in the physical and online world.

+ Package & Print

We extend your company’s identity to your products. It’s all about giving your customers a memorable experience, when they see your product.


+ Brand Films

A big splash, centered around your brand strategy to start a debate in the real world. Bring feeling and personality to your brand to make a real connection with your audience.

+ Brand Images

Things move fast. So does your audience. We create images that tell your brand story within a second. We leave them with a memorable message.

+ Motion Graphics

Illustrations and animations help you communicate the complex things which are difficult to put into words.

+ Social Media Content

Because one big splash is not enough. Build and expand your story with on-point messages that link to concrete things which are happening in the real world, right now.



+ Experimentational Planning

After having developed a growth strategy, we need a very concrete plan for how to chase the growth opportunities.

+ Communications Platform

We develop your company’s core story and how to activate it across touchpoints.

+ Campaign Development

Campaigns are kind of old school, but they still make sense, if you have a time-specific message that the world needs to know about. Right now. We create a campaign platform with one message and one story that we can unfold in different variations across the most relevant touchpoints.


+ Growth strategy

We analyze your market, business and marketing mix, identify the biggest opportunities for growth. We then develop a strategy for how to accelerate your growth based on a mix of traditional and growth hacking approaches.

+ Brand strategy

We help you define an authentic brand strategy, where your company stands for something important that people can relate to and that you can live up to. It’s your point of differentiation.

+ Content Strategy

If you actively are working with a digital funnel or customer journey to drive direct sales or leads, you need a holistic content strategy. The right messages at the right time told in the right way can, for example, decrease your cost per acquisition significantly and help you accelerate your growth.

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HELPING your company unfold its creative potential.

Your company has opportunities which can be realized with the right creative problem-solving. The WOB helps us initiate that in our Discover Phase. It’s a 60 minute brainstorm, where we collaborate with people from other industries. Starting a dialogue and bringing new disciplines and synergies to the corporate world. It's a counterpoint to the traditional qualitative and quantitative research in our Discover Phase.

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